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Investment Process

Maintaining the integrity of the investment process and its principles is critical for long-term investment success. We believe it is imperative for our clients to not only understand our investment process, but to also wholeheartedly believe that it fits their investment needs, beliefs, and characteristics. 


Our process is built on the following core principles:

Independent thought.

Opinions and investment decisions are the result of internally generated research and analysis. Such independent thought requires sifting through the daily noise and perceptions to find and analyze the information that is critical to understanding/finding approriate long-term investments.        

Through the research process, companies selected for investment are evaluated to determine their value, thus resulting in an evaluated value as perceived by Baviello Investment Management.  Each company selected for clients is purchased at significant discount to the company’s evaluated value.   

Value orientation. 

Focus on risk and company’s robustness. 

Preservation of client’s principal is critical to long-term investment results. Not only is each company purchased at a discount to its perceived evaluated value, each is thoroughly analyzed to test the robustness of its operations during a potential downturn.  Although, it should be noted, that companies’ prices may still fluctuate with downturns.


Every investment dollar counts. Money is only allocated to those companies that show the most potential after thoroughly analyzing and accounting for their risks.

Long-term horizon. 

Most investments and strategies are implemented with a long-time horizon, especially the stock-focused strategies and the SVS. In a world where many are short-term focused, we’ve found that the long-term can provide opportunities. It is possible to have money invested in the short-term (less than 3 years), but such strategies would largely eschew stocks, if not completely avoid them.

Conducive environment. 

The importance of environment is often overlooked. Yet it is essential to increasing the probability of suitable long-term investment results. At Baviello, the majority of our time is dedicated to research, analysis, and the implementation of our specialized investment process. Here, success is not assessed by the number of clients we serve or the assets we’ve gathered. It is solely measured by the long-term results of the assets we manage and have managed.

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