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Baviello Investment Management, a Baltimore-based boutique firm, is grounded in a passion for research.  My work is motivated by the challenge of uncovering promising investment opportunities.


With over 15 years of experience in various finance and investment industry roles, I have analyzed and invested in public companies across industries and market environments. Throughout my career, I have developed the following:

  • Valuation expertise: Evaluating companies of all sizes, from public to private, has exposed me to many different investment scenarios while sharpening my valuation skills and analytic rigor.

  • Insight into investment signals: Years of applying diverse investment strategies have refined my ability to spot and assess signals of companies with potential for significant appreciation. 

  • Adaptability to evolving markets: My curiosity and critical thinking have enabled me to find opportunities within the ever-changing nature of the markets.


These experiences have been instrumental in shaping an investment approach that leverages my strengths and the insights gained along the way.

Chris Baviello

Founder & Investment Officer

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