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The Firm

Baviello Investment Management. 

An approach that’s specialized.

Baviello Investment Management is a boutique investment advisory firm based in Baltimore, Maryland. At the center of everything we do you’ll find two essentials: research and advice.

The advice we offer and the investments we recommend are always with our clients’ characteristics and needs in mind. We believe that most clients’ financial goals can be pursued with just a few—sometimes even one—straightforward and cost-efficient investment strategies implemented over a long-time horizon. 

With a significant background in company research and evaluation, I primarily focus on investing in individual companies/stocks through the Baviello Flagship Strategy. The Baviello Flagship Strategy is available for clients who find it to be appropriate for their goals, return expectations, risk tolerances, and time horizons.

Beyond the Flagship, I utilize a few additional strategies in stocks, mutual funds, and bonds intended to complement the Flagship. Much research and thought is put into all the strategies that are used for clients. Such portfolios are tailored to the client's risk tolerances and circumstances with the goal of maintaining a level of risk comfortable for the client.  

Our process of analyzing investments and providing advice is rooted in rigorous and independent thought. As a result, investments and advice may, at times, be considered unorthodox and/or contrarian.

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